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The Hochländer Vertriebs GmbH was founded in 1998 on the initiative of the billionaire Dr. Friedrich Karl Flick +. The aim was to process the meat of Scottish Highland cattle and wild game and to market on his own hands. Even before the Hochländer times there was a natural meat shop in operation, which was then expanded into the mini-slaughterhouse and later converted into a wild game cutting plant.

In 2001, Hochländer was sold to Berger-Wild GmbH located in Passau, Bavaria. The wild game processing was ended at the end of the year 2002 because of the difficult personal situation, but the trading activity was expanded enormously. Hardly a chain, a C + C market or restaurant supplier in Austria was not a customer of Hochländer, or the group.

After the staged “Wild game scandal” in January 2006, the Berger-Wild Empire broke down and the Hochländer Vertriebs GmbH was for one year virtually without an owner. Managing Director Karl Berger was able to settle in spite of adverse circumstances, all creditors’ claims and to keep a large part of the suppliers.

Thanks to the cooperation with the two largest processors, Hochländer, since February 2007 owned again by Berger family, now once again is one of the major game suppliers in Europe. In 2007 the headquarters were moved from the rented property in Rottenmann into an own property in Carinthia. Since September 2008 purchasing, sales, administration and management are operationg in the new offices in a beautiful location on the watershed between the Lavanttal and the Jauntal. The product range was since them expanded by goods from Spain, Poland, Austria as well as from South America.

Hochländer Wild


Hochländer Wild - Karl Berger

Karl Berger
General Manager/Sales Manager

Tel.: +43 (0)4233/20822-22
Cell: +43 (0)664/53 60 865
E-Mail: karl.berger@hochlaender.at

Hochländer Wild - Ulrich Berger

Dipl.-Volksw. Ulrich Berger
Authorized signatory/administration

Tel.: +43 (0)4233/20822-11
Cell.: +43 (0)699/171 121 35
e-mail: ulrich.berger@hochlaender.at

Hochländer Wild - Mag. Carmen Vallant-Friesacher

Mag. Carmen Vallant-Friesacher

Tel.: +43 (0)4233 20 822
E-Mail: carmen.vallant@hochlaender.at

Hochländer Wild - David-Scoponi

David Scoponi
Sales Italy

Tel.: +39 0481/22257
Fax: +39 0481/525691
E-Mail: david.scoponi@hochlaender.at

Hochländer Wild

Our products

Hochländer Wild - Rehkeule

Roe deer

Hochländer Wild - Hirschkeule

Red deer

Hochländer Wild - Wildschweinkeule

Wild boar

Hochländer Wild - Hasenkeulen

Brown hare

Hochländer Wild - Gamskeule

Various wild game products

Hochländer Wild


Hochländer Wild